Why Us

There is a substantial rise in the difficulty level of subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) in classes XI & XII as compared to classes IX & X. Preparing for entrance exams without prior exposure and without foundation preparation becomes an uphill task for students when they have to deal with a huge syllabus in each subject. So it is essential that students’ foundation for JEE/NEET is strengthened beginning from class IX and X itself.

The syllabus of classes IX & X introduces concepts which students learn in detail in classes XI & XII. Therefore a focused and systematic foundation programme starting in classes IX & X will ensure strong understanding of fundamentals which is the primary requirement for success in entrance exams.

The programme aims to groom students for the prestigious Olympiads and NTSE exam along with school exam preparation. The programme sharpens students’ analytical skills and retention abilities via various techniques and practice. It will help students understand better what is taught in regular school classes and hence do well in board exams.